Volvo Cars Marin - Seems overpriced and did not seem to care about customer satisfaction

195 Casa Buena Dr, Corte Madera, CA 94925, USA
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This is my first time writing a review, and I never felt compelled to write a negative review after any consumer experience...until now. I should have went on Yelp and listened to others who left negative reviews, such as Bianca B.

who basically summed up my experience as well when she said: They "tried to make us feel *** by saying I shouldn't try to negotiate on a $50k car. Again, I'm aware of what I was attempting to buy. I'm also aware of the car I was trading in, which was purchased at a comparable value.They presented outrageous offers (84 months!) and at monthly price points I wouldn't even pay for a Porsche. This was even after they knew my current auto loan APR is below 3%.

I wanted to negotiate by final price, and not by monthly payment. Marc also put in a different cash down amount ($500 extra) on the paperwork, which I felt was dishonest. I was very clear about the numbers I wanted & was willing to put down. And I felt that was ignored.

All in all, I decided to walk out. I expressed what I felt about the experience at the end after trying very hard to keep my cool. [...] I just want to be treated fairly. And that didn't happen for me today." Caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

According to one salesperson I worked with who seemed to try his best despite dealer/manager push back, this dealership claims to engage in "value pricing," which purportedly means that the dealership prices their cars "aggressive" to move them quickly and to take negotiating out of the deal. That sounds great--if only it were true. Negotiation is never out of a deal when prices are not fixed--there is a fair market value range for a reason. Further, based on my experience, the dealership does negotiate--just not with individuals on overall prices.

Instead, based on my experience, they will negotiate with you on monthly payments by trying to get you to extend payment terms and to get higher interest rates and/or pay higher down payments than you should need to do if they also negotiated on overall payment price. By only focusing the negotiation on monthly payment, loan terms, and down payment amounts, they ignore reasonable offers to lower the overall purchase price, which stacks the negotiation in their favor--all the while, based on my experience, they claim they are not negotiating and do not negotiate...seriously! Do not be fooled, "negotiation free" and "hassle free" "value pricing" were likely invented by sellers as negotiation tactics to disarm informed buyers and to help the uninformed feel like they do not need to negotiate or inform themselves about fair market prices. For the uninformed, I am sure it leads to feeling good and leaving great reviews--how would they know if they really got a great deal if they did not do the research?

(not to say that some people who left great reviews did not get a great deal, I just know I was being told I was being given a "good" deal when truly independent assessments (not PureCar!) said I was not, including KBB, Edmunds, and Based on my experience, while this dealership will negotiate with you on monthly payment, this dealership will not negotiate with you on price as an individual despite any research or independent assessments you present. Based on my experience, they will negotiate with the market by lowering the price the next day after telling you the price was as low as it would go and that they will lose money if it goes lower. When asked why the price changed, based on my experience, they will claim that the market value changed so they lowered the price...and claim they were transparent the whole time (while never explaining where they get their market figures that caused the adjusted price so you could follow along with their "negotiation free" and "transparent" prices)...seriously!

I was told by the dealership that the car I was looking at was priced right only to have it go down in price closer to the value based on independent assessments (KBB and Edmunds) the next day--and this happened at least twice in the period of a week on the same car! Further, the trade-in value on the car according to KBB was well over $10,000 less than the asking price on the car that they received as a trade-in, yet the dealership would not budge on the price to make a deal happen even when I had a pre-approved loan within the fair market value range of KBB and the true market value according to Edmunds. Instead of lowering the price within the fair market range and true market value, I was asked to pay more money with dealer-arranged financing on worse terms that what I was pre-approved on from a credit union.

I really wanted to buy this car and to like this local dealership, but consumers deserve a good or great deal when they have done their research and pre-arranged financing. In fact, all consumers deserve a better deal, fair dealing and negotiation (that means negotiating more than monthly payments), and transparency in pricing decisions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volvo Cars Marin Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Pricing, Lack of attention to my reasonable offers, Lack of concern for independent assessments of value, Unwillingness to lower the price during negotiations, Willingness to lower the price soon after neogotiations.

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In my opinion, this dealership overprices cars and refuses to negotiate on price. Instead, I think they put profits over customer satisfaction.

Trying to squeeze as much profit out of a deal without regard to fairness or customer satisfaction is not the mark of a good dealership or car buying experience. But do not just take my word for it!

Their first review on Yelp was a 1 star review in 2013, and they have had 17 1 star reviews on Yelp since then! Read them! A sampling of reviews says it all: Kevin R.

says "This was the WORST experience buying a car." Daniel E. says "Then, there was zero negotiation, they refused to do anything for the car that was both Acura and BMW had done - we bought a BMW this year as well. I'd give that experience 5 stars. This place really does suck" and "The only thing they've got going for them is that there's such a limited stock of Certified Pre-Owned XC90s in California that our hands were tied.

Were it not for that, we surely wouldn't have bought here." Anon A. says "This Volvo dealer is to be avoided." Katy L. says "NEVER will I buy a car from these guys knowing I may need more service in the future. I have had enough with them.

At least show some common respect for your customers." Bianca B says "I'm not a person to try to get a deal at the lowest price, I just want to be treated fairly. And that didn't happen for me today." Julie M M. says "This place is the reason I will never own Volvo again! " Steve M.

says "Caveat emptor (buyer beware)!" Christian V. says "If you want great customer service, go to mckevitt Volvo in San Leandro, they know how to talk respectfully with their customers and take their concerns seriously." C.S. says "I started to write my novel of complaints, but I'm not really a yelper, and I'm not sure people could even get through my tirade." Daniel E. says "My wife bought a Volvo XC90 from here, and let me just say that our entire experience with this place was terrible." Bianca B.

says " I wanted to negotiate by final price, and not by monthly payment. Marc also put in a different cash down amount ($500 extra) on the paperwork, which I felt was dishonest. I was very clear about the numbers I wanted & was willing to put down. And I felt that was ignored."

I posted a negative review in the past, and I thought it was great that Bret F.

of Volvo Cars Marin commented on my review and seemed to express interest in resolving the matter; unfortunately, it seems like that was just for show because I contacted him and he did not contact me back. It seems like it is all for show. Interestingly, in another Yelp review of this dealership, C.S.

also said "I called Nick P. who responds to yelp reviews over a week ago today before writing this and did not hear back."

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